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An adorable tiny sun that powers a miniature universe; a phrase that people claim that best describes Kayla. Her passion for acting started at a very young age. Back in the day, captions weren't an option while watching a film for the hard of hearing. For Kayla to fully understand what was going on; she would rely on the body language, reactions, & reading the actor's lip. In results, Kayla learned to communicate with her peers.

Miracle Baby. The story behind a shining example of inner strength and beauty. At 13 months of age, Kayla both fought and won a tiring fight against rare childhood cancer. She walked away wholly healed from her battle against neuroblastoma cancer, stage IV that accounts for 15% of childhood deaths. The chemo resulted in the losing half of her hearing. Due to being partially deaf, Kayla was bullied continuously growing up. “The kids used to call me names like Deaf Girl, due to my hearing impairment, ”she says. She uses the strength to push herself forward and continue excelling in her career regardless of the challenges she may face. 

A small town beauty queen from Dothan, AL but spent most of her adult years in Birmingham, AL. She placed 2nd alternate at the Miss Alabama USA pageant in 2010. Meanwhile, Kayla wrote her story for the first time on a well-known website called SheisMore, and it gained much success with reaction from thousands of shares worldwide in under 24 hours! Due to the success of her story, she contributes as a writer for SheisMore. The city of Birmingham took notice & voted Kayla as one of the Top 20 Most Beautiful People of 2014.

Busy as a bee with a checklist. Kayla has always enjoyed pursuing more than one goal. Currently, she is pursuing her bachelors in Workforce Leadership & Applied Learning with a Minor in Marketing from Wichita State University then will go on to obtain a law degree in Entertainment. In her spare time, Kayla feeds her hunger for traveling, aviation, nature photography, and experiencing new adventures.

The light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing first hand just how cruel the world can be, Kayla strives to inspire those around her and bring a story of hope to others living with similar challenges. Kayla says. “My only hope is that I can use my story to help encourage the society that before you pass judgment on a person for his or her abilities, take the time to get to know them first. They’ll likely surprise the heck out of you.”


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