Crazy Pilot Season

Hey Guys!

So, if it isn't more obvious; I am really behind on my blogging! Allow me to apologize as the last 2 months got crazy! We ended up having a "pilot" season in the Southeast and my auditions were flying in like crazy that I could barely keep up! That's not all!

As some of you might not know; I have been dating an awesome pilot whose now living his dream of soon to be USAF pilot! That was the other load that was carried on because he had to go through OTS (Officer Training School) & that was quite an experience. His training was about 2 1/2 months long & it was VERY strict. I couldn't see him for a month and half nor was I able to talk to him as much so it was a huge shock at first! lol! However,through many trials & very tough obstacles, he graduated from OTS & gained his rank as Lt. Bowser!! Needless to say; I was one proud girlfriend!! In addition to his graduation, there were graduation events that took up almost a full week. Overall, it was so much fun & I have officially attended my first military formal!

Last, but not least; San Diego was BEAUTIFUL!! My audition went amazing & came very close to booking the job. Although I didn't book it, I was thankful for the opportunity & the experience I gained from it! San Diego, CA was such an enjoyable city. You really feel like you're living where sailors live because everything about it gives off the "bay" feeling. Afterall, it's pretty much surrounded by the Pacific. I was able to enjoy a mini vacay by myself & unplug from the world for a bit. I can't wait to go back!

Going into summer, I am looking forward to taking an easy & rebooting. Taking a few classes to work my acting skills, going to read 3 books, and plan to enjoy a few trips to see my friends & family! Oh and of course; visiting my pilot on the weekends to the base he will be training at! Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer! Don't forget to "Subscribe" to my newsletter so you can be more informed with all my juicy news! :) XO-Kayla

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