United Way Celebrity Golf Event


My previous appearance included me being one of the celebrities for the United Way Golf Event in Cleveland, GA. It was such an honor to be surrounded by legends and doing good things by giving back.

Despite the yucky weather; the sun decided to make an appearance on Tuesday during our winery tours which worked out perfectly! They provided limo buses to take us around to the 3 winery's & may I just say; Cleveland, GA is BEAUTIFUL! These were a few of the most beautiful winery's I have seen and the scenery of the mountains were breathtaking. Cool fact; Yonah Mountain is the oldest mountain in the world!

In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bill Goldberg (WWE Wrestler) and his wife along with many retired pro atheletes and coaches. Everyone was so genuine and extremely laid back that it made the event that much more fun! At the VIP Award Dinner, I had the pleasure of giving a short speech on myself and my achievements (which I joked that wrestling in my underwear wasn't one of them LOL). 

I would like to thank ALL of the volunteers for their hard work they put into this event! Thank you to the hotel staff for providing us rooms, the sponsor's for the many goodies in my bag & Restraunts for the food! Not to mention, the 3 winery's that we visited; thank you for providing us with food and wine! Thank you to Ms.Carol for asking me to be a part of this wonderful event. This will definietly go down in the books & can't wait to go back soon! XO-Kayla

PS: Visit my fan page on Facebook to see short video of my speech!